Swedish Massage with Melanie

The best known form of massage in the West, Swedish massage techniques concentrate on relieving knots, tension and aches and pains. If it’s your first time having a massage or you don’t get one very often this treatment is recommended for you. Great for relaxation, pampering, aches and pains and muscle problems.

Treatment Options and Prices

  • Full Body Traditional Swedish Massage: 60 minutes of flowing, relaxing massage for just £22.00
  • Half Body Traditional Swedish Massage: 45 minutes of traditional massage for just £17.00

Hand and Forearms Massage with Melanie

The hands and forearms hold a surprising level of tension. This treatment aims to relax and relieve tense and tight muscles. An ideal treatment for those using computers regularly, who are active with their hands or for revitalizing the skin on the hands and arms.

Treatment Options and Prices

  • Hand and Forearms Massage: 25 minutes of therapeutic, stress relieving hand massage for just £10.00

Foot Massage with Melanie

A foot massage is a great stress relieving treatment which stimulates the body’s systems and encourages relaxation and stress relief. Works wonderfully to heal and repair the tissues of the foot, to relieve pain and aches from uncomfortable shoes, exercise or if you have to stand for long periods of time. Make sure you pamper your feet as much as any other part of your body!

Treatment Options and Prices

  • Full Foot Massage: 25 minutes of foot massage for just £12.00

Relaxing … Refreshing … Revitalising

This is the aim of Melanie’s services – to relax, refresh and empower you to go forwards.