Hot Stones Therapy with Melanie

A stimulating, relaxing body treatment that utilises preheated, volcanic lava stones to energise and invigorate your whole body. These water heated basalt rocks have long been used to increase energy and heal muscles, with the roots of this therapy being found in Native American healing practises. Relax and enjoy this holistic massage treatment as our therapists use these hot volcanic stones to massage away your aches and pains.

Treatment Options and Prices

  • Full Body Hot Stone Massage: 75 minutes of therapeutic hot stone massage for just £40.00
  • Half Body Hot Stones Massage: 30 minutes of warming relaxation, ideal for those winter months! For just £20.00

Relaxing … Refreshing … Revitalising

This is the aim of Melanie’s services – to relax, refresh and empower you to go forwards.